When you start to think about it, sending your staff off to the far ends of the world to conduct business on your behalf can be quite daunting. Modern technology ensures good communications most of the time, but that can also let us down occasionally. With the sizeable budgets that go along with corporate travel, you need to be assured your company’s money is not being misspent and used unnecessarily.

Strategic procurement solutions, such as the one offered by TraveluXion, are used to minimise the risks that companies and corporate travellers are exposed to. The software encompasses all aspects of travel arranging, with a sharp focus on financial transactions. It puts the control in the hands of the corporate and enables greater opportunities for cost savings.

By using a travel management solution, companies face less risk – there is increased visibility and controls in place with online approval, giving access to the entire spend cycle which will assist financial managers and procurement managers. Fraud, an increasingly worrying aspect, can be kept under control. It also takes care of travel compliancy, by ensuring company travel policies are met.

For the corporate travellers, a software solution can make the process of getting to their destination as convenient and comfortable as possible. The requests for authorisation are simplified and last minute changes, or changes during the trip, can be easily accommodated. Duty of care procedures ensure travellers are informed of any specific information and requirements before the trip, such as visas, travel documents needed, the safety of the destination, etc.

Using TraveluXion’s procurement technology will reduce risk all round. Companies can be certain that the best arrangements have been made at the most competitive prices and the corporate traveller knows they are being taken care of by their employer. Contact TraveluXion today to find out more.