Although we all hate to admit it, there are employees in every company who, without procurement software, enjoy taking advantage of the company chequebook while travelling.  Fortunately, we offer travel expense management software that counters that, by ensuring you are aware of all travelling costs. This software is further complemented by our quality consulting services, which will help you acquire the ideal package for your needs.

Reports are Organised before the Trip even Begins

One of the greatest aspects about our procurement software is that our system arranges all expected expenses beforehand. It works by requesting a list of expenses from the employee who will be travelling. This list is sent directly to your financial department, who reviews it and either confirms or denies various parts. Once all items have been confirmed, or resubmitted for confirmation, the finances are allocated and a report is drafted. This ensures you are always aware of how much each trip will cost.

Procurement Software Easily Identifies Dubious Tactics

Once your employee returns from travelling, they can then confirm all expenses and include any changes that were required. This collates and clarifies the expenses and informs you of any illegitimate spending. Therefore, with our all-inclusive systems, you can easily identify fraud, inflated expenses or unhealthy spending habits that need to be addressed.

For more personalised details on how our procurement software can be your ideal corporate travel solution, contact TraveluXion today.