Ensure Optimal Risk Management with Duty of Care and Professional Business Travel

Duty of Care in many countries is a legally defined term – and companies (whether they’re professional corporate travel businesses or not) can be charged as culpably negligent if they have not fulfilled their obligations with regards to corporate travel.   Duty of Care as a formalised policy is increasingly becoming a necessity within organisations to ensure risk management, good corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and employee and skills retention. TraveluXion’s business travel management solution incorporates a Duty of Care component and reporting within the approval framework that results in the following benefits:

  • Risk Managers are included in the expense management approval process
  • Employees are informed of destination information and inherent risks associated with their corporate travel destination and are required to accept these risks before proceeding in the approval process
  • Accurate records are maintained in the application to ensure that traveller tracking information is readily available, should disaster hit a particular area
  • In the event of disaster – natural or political, accurate information can be fed through to organisations that specialise in expatriation, such as International SOS.
  • Improved alignment with good corporate governance principles
  • A culture of Duty of Care enhances the corporate traveller’s experience and assists with employee welfare and retention
  • Consolidated information can be sent to the client’s selected supplier that manages expatriation in the event of emergencies
  • Reduce exposure to costly litigation – 80% of court applications brought by employees or family are ruled in favour of employees against the company

Our corporate travel software is here to make the process of booking travel experiences safe, transparent and professional for everyone. Traveluxion offers more than personal expense management software, we offer companies the ability to provide their employees with a self-bookig tool that will protect them in the event of a travel emergency.

For more information on how our business travel management solution assists companies in achieving compliancy with Duty of Care, please contact us today.