What a travel and expense management system offers corporate travellers

Corporate travellers have a certain amount of interest in their business travel arrangements. While the company might want to cut back on costs and ensure their travel policy is being adhered to, the point is still to make the travel process as convenient and comfortable for staff members as possible.

In the past, requesting authorisation for a trip might have been frustrating and a somewhat challenging experience. With a travel and expense management system in place you can benefit from a system that makes the travel request, authorisation and finalisation process absolutely simple.

TraveluXion is a unique system which offers corporate travellers a world of convenience, being a combination of some of the best features of Fraxion (spend management system) and Amadeus (travel booking management system).

Corporate traveller benefits expected of the TraveluXion system

  • Corporate travellers can request and book the trip themselves. They can also make changes to the trip and its details along the way, as required.
  • You can choose from a list of pre-authorised suppliers, establishments and service providers which ensure you are comfortable with all the arrangements, within reason and within budget.
  • Once the travel request has been submitted, it is sent to management for authorisation and progress can be tracked at every stage until it is closed off.
  • All expenses can be tracked easily which makes it more convenient for accounts departments during the reconciliation process after your trip.
  • Duty of care procedures ensure you are informed of special information and requirements before your trip. This includes information on the safety of the destination, what visas and travel documents you will require, are required and what dangers you should be aware, this is set by your risk manager as per your company risk profile.

The TraveluXion system offers a wealth of benefits and perks for all corporate travellers as well as company owners. Take the time to find out more about our travel and expense management system and how it can help make your travel requests and endeavours easier.

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