There are many benefits to investing in corporate travel solutions for your business. In fact, these solutions are actively changing the face of the business expense management industry in South Africa. Greater compliance and transparency is achieved whilst also helping businesses benefit from increased savings and better travel fares.

One particularly important way corporate travel solutions is changing business expense management in South Africa is the incredible savings it poses to businesses. Your expense management department will reduce “leakage” from transport suppliers who may overcharge your business with respects to services supplied. In addition to all the business travel information your departments will have available at your fingertips, along with the additional services that are provided by business travel companies, it makes corporate travel solutions even more cost-effective for your business.

How corporate travel solutions’ impact will change business expense management in your business

Here are a few ways that adopting corporate travel solutions into your business will change your company’s business expense management:

  • The expense management department will operate with decreased exposure to risk and fraud.
  • Using corporate travel solutions in your business will provide you with a reduced Transaction Cost Model (TCM) for each transaction.
  • Through using these solutions the company will also enjoy improved productivity since the time to approve is reduced, whilst also allowing the company to take advantage of discounted air travel.
  • The business expense management industry enjoys improved access to real-time budgetary information available at the time of approval, thereby improving financial control.

These are only a few of the ways in which corporate travel solutions continue to change the face of business expense management in South Africa. Contact TraveluXion for corporate travel solutions which are changing the face of business expense management in South Africa.

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