Have you considered how travel expense management software can simplify your job as a corporate travel manager? As a corporate travel manager you are tasked with ensuring company travel funds are correctly allocated and not misspent. This can often be a difficult and overwhelming task. Confirming bookings and assigning set funds and limits to travel expenses is simply not enough if you want to cut back on redundant costs and ensure the longevity of your business. Reconciling each and every cent spent for the purpose of travel becomes a difficult task when some employees are trying to take full advantage of the company cheque book.

What is the solution to this potential problem? Travel expense management software is the solution. With such software you can experience effective travel expense management which will help you to stay in control of all company travel whilst ensuring your business profits are not plundered via unauthorised or unnecessary travel related spend. Travel procurement software helps corporate travel managers to effectively manage and account for all employees’ travel expenditure.

What does TraveluXion travel expense management software offer that others don’t?

TraveluXion is not just another procurement system offering a basic service. Our dedicated procurement technology connects your business directly with a variety of travel agents, accommodation establishments, transport companies and more. The software does all the organising and ensures everything required for the requested trip is arranged and brought to your attention. Everything required for the trip can be fully arranged before travel even begins.

You will also find our professional consulting services useful when it comes to effectively cutting back on travel costs without making the experience unpleasant for employees. In addition to saving company profits, you will also be ensuring that all company travel policies are adhered to, which is important for the protection of both employee and employer.

If you would like to learn more about our travel expense management software and how it can save your company money, don’t hesitate to contact us at TraveluXion.