Corporate travel expense management solutions – saving businesses money with every trip


TraveluXion might not need any formal introduction to the corporate market at this stage as it is already taken the market by storm. In just a short period this corporate travel and expense management system, which offers the best features of Amadeus e Travel Manager l booking system) and Fraxion (spend management system), is geared to  save medium to large corporations large sums of money that would have otherwise been spent on travel costs, or more tragically the inability to gain a holistic perspective of corporations entire Travel and Expense costs is undoubtably a major concern.

Over expenditure when it comes to travel in the corporate world is an offence that has been easily covered up in the past. Negligent spending and abuse of company funds and allowances has caused many businesses to suffer huge financial losses which is hard to trace after the fact. Other Travel Expense Management Solutions on the market simply cannot match up to what is on offer from the TraveluXion package.

The TraveluXion Travel Expense Management Software package was designed with the financial needs of the business in mind. This particular software is absolutely easy to use. The user friendly interface allows for staff members to apply for authorisation for a trip they need to take. Once authorisation has been received, the costs involved need to be looked over and considered. Costs can be accepted or rejected which results in staff members cutting back on their tendency to overspend from the beginning.

Business travel spending cut backs is not all this Travel Expense Management System can assist with. Those making use of the system to plan a business trip will be advised, via the system, of all special travel conditions which could later result in illness, injury, loss or unexpected expenses – the traveller will need to accept and acknowledge these conditions, to prevent the business being faced with possible expensive litigation in the future should something go wrong.

Main features of the TraveluXion Travel and Expense Management Solution in a nutshell:

  • Visibility gains and reporting allow for increased travel policy compliance.
  • Approval of travel related expenditure against the corporations available budget per  cost center
  • Improved overall savings.
  • Once online bookings are activated reduced fulfilment costs can be realised
  • Reduced risk of exposure to fraud, litigation and other travel related complications.
  • Improved financial control due to access to real time budget information.
  • Implementation of a Duty of Care culture within the business.


Step by step information on the system features and functions

The TraveluXion Travel and Expense Management Solutions offer the following functionalities:

  • Create a travel request which is sent onto management.
  • Management will receive an email requesting travel and detailing the reasons for such a trip.
  • On approval from management, you can elect for the trip to be planned and a quote to be supplied.
  • Quotes are forwarded onto management and financial HOD for further approval.
  • If the company management teams deem the trip viable, it is granted.
  • Bookings can then be made and confirmed on those particular rates only.
  • At this stage where bookings are finalised, the traveller is provided with Duty of Care information to confirm they are aware of any special requirements such as visas, passports, travel documents, medication or inoculations required and so on.


Why TraveluXion is the best Travel & Eexpense Management Solution for you?

  • Complete financial control over corporate travel costs
  • Financial tracing of expenditure is made easier
  • Duty of Care helps companies to avoid potential litigation and fraud risks
Services offered by TraveluXion:

  • Quick and easy system installation and access
  • Reduced fulfilment fees and charges
  • Visibility gains and reporting
  • Access to the best specials and discounts for corporate travel

Now you have found more information about our corporate Travel Management Solutions, this is why you should partner with TraveluXion

  • Save on business travel costs
  • User friendly interface that staff members can use;
  • Remove corporate travel risks
  • Eliminate the process of manual spend for your business