Today’s business traveller has more options and choice available than ever before when planning travel itinerary. Corporate travel solutions help a company to save money on its travel expenses whilst ensuring compliance and budgetary visibility and transparency and streamlining your business travel procurement process.

Budget transparency is crucial to the rise in good corporate governance of a business. Good quality financial reports will allow for effective and informative analysis of the business. Failing budget transparency is linked to decreasing efficiency and increase of expenditure in the business. Less transparency and information means less certainty in the business.

At TraveluXion we have developed a cutting edge and state of the art corporate travel solution that will make it far easier for your company to achieve consistent transparency. Through many years’ development and a multimillion Rand investment partnership between Amadeus and Fraxion, our leading solutions will help you to cut back on your corporate travel spending while offering your business many other benefits. Amadeus and Fraxion have long been industry leaders in the global travel distribution sectors and spend management sector alike, bringing their many years’ established industry infrastructure to TraveluXion.

How can TraveluXion’s Corporate Travel Solution Help Your Business Achieve Consistent Transparency?

Our leading corporate travel solution will help your business to thrive and achieve consistent transparency through:

  • TraveluXion’s solutions present companies with complete transparency of all business travel activities and related costs, both pre and post-trip. This allows for both proactive and effective travel budget management.
  • Complete T&E (travel and expense) costs must be transparent before, during and after the approval process. It will enable corporations to make informed decisions on the most cost-efficient use of their travel budgets whilst assuring travel policy compliance. This is why TraveluXion’s solutions lay all the associated costs and travel expenses bare in a consistent and transparent manner.
  • We offer transparent T&E costs through our robust Spend Management solution for cost-effective travel procurement.

At TraveluXion we realise our clients are unique and your business travel demands require a unique solution. It’s because of this that we will work hard to gain a complete and comprehensive understanding of the current processes for procurement of travel in your business, which also includes engaging with key stakeholders, so as to identify gaps and areas where we can offer improvements.

It is through our collective approach of offering you a cutting edge corporate travel solution that we intend to help your business achieve consistent transparency in the procurement of your corporate travel requirements. To further explore our many solutions and to find out how we can be of benefit to your company, contact TraveluXion today.