When it comes to corporate travel, especially for medium to large sized corporations, the potential for over expenditure certainly exists. Whether it’s management travelling or other members of staff, it has become essential for financial heads and upper management teams to authorise travel and try to implement some sort of travel expense management system to monitor expenditure.

Whether it intentional or not, some companies can lose valuable revenue on travel expenses and this is where TraveluXion saves the day. This particular software is not a travel management company, travel agency or booking system, it is a fully integrated expense management software system that can ensure your business saves on travel expenses and eliminates unnecessary travel.

How does TraveluXion work?

In summary: The system is designed to be completely user friendly and can be accessed and utilised by any approved person within the company. When travel is required, the user will log onto the system and submit a request. This request will provide the relevant approvers (both financial and line manager) with details for the reason for travel, the destination and potential booking costs. On approval from these approver (who will receive a request via email that an approval is pending), you can proceed to gather a quotation from the system.

After this point, the travel expense management software will present the expected costs including all potential bookings, destination alerts, visa requirements,total cost of trip through to the financial authority, who  will then approve or deny the booking whilst having full line of sight of available budget for that particular cost centre. Approved bookings can be processed and travel expenses all detailed and monitored within a robut audit trail environment The system also allows for booking changes to be made at any stage of the process either pre or during the trip – these too must be approved by the relevant approval structure in order to be processed.

If you are looking for ways in which to eliminateunnecessary travel expenditure and ensure all expenses are accounted for, then TraveluXion is certainly the product for you and your business.