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Company policies with business travel are not a problem with TraveluXion

Posted by on Feb 10, 2017 in Corporate Travel Automation Software, Innovative Solution | 0 comments

With the array of Travel Apps infiltrating social media and the offering of travel specials on the internet, companies will continue to have a tough time offering travellers the freedom to embrace technology whilst adhering to company policies and procedures. Listed companies and corporates that see the benefit in applying protocol can expect travellers to pose the argument that they can find travel cheaper online. What will become important to corporations? How will price, group of car and the hotel category weigh up against saving company money whilst allowing travellers ‘perks’ if achieved at a lower rate. Whatever decided, TraveluXion can enforce Travel Policies and or cost parameters, whilst still providing the company with the necessary controls, as un-managed and managed spend is tracked in our application. We can also accommodate the use of multiple travel agencies or booking channels. The system is flexible enough and incredibly robust to follow the parameters each individual company wishes to apply. Shirley Le Roux – General Manager,...

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Our Latest Technology Innovations

Posted by on Jan 17, 2017 in Innovative Solution | 0 comments

TraveluXion’s R & D team pride itself on constantly evaluating the impact our application has on its users. The more customers we engage with, the more we listen and the more we innovate. The Approvers in the T&E cycle no longer have to access the application to generate approvals. Our system dynamically returns all information pertaining to the Request, as well as available budget information directly to the required Approvers in a secure email format. The Approvers can approve on e-mail making use of any mobile device.   Whilst our Travel Request creation template only takes a mere 33 seconds to create, we understand that busy travellers don’t want to be fussed with change management. Our latest innovation merely requires the traveller to send an email with a specific subject header; our application dynamically populates information in the background and generates the Request for approval. What this means for organisations is that we have reduced the UI without compromising on functionality and still delivering an application that safeguards companies against T&E abuse and potential fraud. Shirley Le Roux – General Manager,...

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2016 – A Time for Innovations

Posted by on Oct 14, 2016 in Innovative Solution | 0 comments

It is believed that 2016 and beyond is the ideal time for innovators and for innovations! But what are the requirements for innovation you may be thinking? It’s a great question, as innovation can be challenging in a corporate environment, particularly with so much red tape and indecisiveness! I believe what is necessary first and foremost is a diverse team. By this I mean a team with different brains and differing perspectives, however, all working together to form a common goal, this goal being innovation. This is very different to teamwork as teamwork often in the past referred to people with similar skills and methods working harmoniously together to get the job done! I don’t believe this will drive innovation any longer; we need different skills, opposing views that challenge the norm and each other, in order to form an innovative solution! This without a doubt is what the team at TraveluXion have! – Shirley Le Roux (GM...

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