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Company policies with business travel are not a problem with TraveluXion

Posted by on Feb 10, 2017 in Corporate Travel Automation Software, Innovative Solution | 0 comments

With the array of Travel Apps infiltrating social media and the offering of travel specials on the internet, companies will continue to have a tough time offering travellers the freedom to embrace technology whilst adhering to company policies and procedures. Listed companies and corporates that see the benefit in applying protocol can expect travellers to pose the argument that they can find travel cheaper online. What will become important to corporations? How will price, group of car and the hotel category weigh up against saving company money whilst allowing travellers ‘perks’ if achieved at a lower rate. Whatever decided, TraveluXion can enforce Travel Policies and or cost parameters, whilst still providing the company with the necessary controls, as un-managed and managed spend is tracked in our application. We can also accommodate the use of multiple travel agencies or booking channels. The system is flexible enough and incredibly robust to follow the parameters each individual company wishes to apply. Shirley Le Roux – General Manager,...

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Driving Transparency

Posted by on Nov 17, 2016 in Corporate Travel Automation Software | 0 comments

Making an investment in the right technology is only one of the critical components of a successful project. It has also become essential to consider the bigger picture when implementing new technology and capabilities. Companies are starting to appreciate upfront due diligence. Too often, the level of due diligence undertaken at the start of the relationship is insufficient – this can have major implications months and years down the road. TraveluXion prides themselves in walking our clients through the implementation of the software in their specific environment, ensuring that upfront planning paves the way for a successful operational and financial execution. It is a journey that will affect travellers and stake holders. Companies should perform the essential due diligence upfront, so that fundamental business requirements are effectively considered and catered for. – Yaroni Wilken (Customer Change Manager-...

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Benefits of an Automated Travel & Expense Solution.

Posted by on Aug 11, 2016 in Corporate Travel Automation Software | 0 comments

What to look for when sourcing T&E automation? Independence in terms of ownership without reliability from any of the service providers as mixing service with technology is never ideal. Take a look at the implementation timeline and the project management documentation Training and end user hand-holding offered Consider your internal constraints – project and IT infrastructure as well as projects Support of expense reimbursements, supplier invoices, workflows, threshold maintenance Ensure you have a dedicated system administrator How you can save on service fees by seeking an independent T&E solution! More and more customers are wanting to save on service fees and self-book easy transactions, venturing on-line and using the web has become easy, but you lose control over policy and you can potentially expose your organisation to risk by trying to do this in an attempt to save money. Rather look for automated T&E solutions that allow you the freedom of choice to self-book or to request agency assistance. The solution you seek should not be tied to any agency that is providing the service, as you should be able to utilise more than one agency if you so desire. Make sure you select an independent solution that allows you this flexibility and that does not charge you extra for self-booked transactions. Shirley Le Roux – GM TraveluXion...

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The top six risk management considerations for corporations

Posted by on Dec 7, 2015 in Corporate Travel Automation Software | 0 comments

When it comes to corporate travel, risk management is a very important part of corporate governance. There are a number of considerations that need to be reviewed on an ongoing basis, to ensure your company’s risks are kept to a minimum. While there are many aspects of business travel to analyse, here are the top six you should be reviewing: Risk to personnel: Example: Employees travelling to high risk countries, whether it be for political reasons (civil wars, bomb attacks), or health (Ebola outbreaks, malaria) and safety (fatigue through over-travel) reasons. It is vital to ensure the travel insurance covers security and health concerns. Risk to reputation: A company can be criticised very publicly if their carbon footprint is too high, or if their employees contract a disease due to the failure to inoculate prior to travel. Misuse of travel allowances or unethical conduct by employees can also be very damaging. Risk to data/equipment: Data carried or collected by employees could be stolen (laptops), or other specialised equipment could be lost or damaged. Legal risk: Companies need to ensure their travel compliance policy is up to date and covers every area, such as tracking employee travel to high risk areas, ensuring that foreign tax laws are complied with, or having plans in place if any illegal activity should be conducted by travellers. Financial risk: Misuse of travel expenses and allowances remains a constant problem with corporate travel. Unauthorised upgrades on flights, or in hotels, or non-related expenses being claimed post-trip are examples of common internal fraud activity. It is extremely important to track all expenses and conduct audits regularly so travel expenditure is accurate for reporting. Risk to productivity/trip effectiveness: If baggage, equipment or personal items are mislaid en route, productivity can be lost, or important meetings missed. Mobile phones may not function properly in other countries, or a failure to meet immigration requirements can all delay travellers, which could have a negative effect on the business they are there to conduct. Reduce a lot of these risks by using travel management software A well designed travel expense software package can significantly reduce the risks a company faces when their employees travel for work purposes. TraveluXion, an industry leader in the T&E space, have purpose-built procurement management software that can assist in travel spend management, online booking, expense management and financial controls. Part of their sales cycle involves assisting companies with their processes around the procurement of all business related travel expenditure, as well as identifying and correcting risks to the company. If you have a need to take control of your corporate travel spend, contact TraveluXion today to find out how they can...

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Automation Means Efficiency Means Cost-Saving

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015 in Corporate Travel Automation Software, Procurement Management Software | 0 comments

Automation is beneficial in all shapes and forms in the business world. However, if you are facing a corporate travel expense dilemma, the automated corporate travel software can be a Godsend in disguise. There are many benefits of making use of automated software but we shall be looking at four below and how automation can save your company money. It will reduce your man power hence reducing costs  By utilising automation, you will be freeing up your employees schedules to do necessary things as opposed to wasting precious time on redundant chores. By automating your travel expense software, you can let your teams do their jobs as they need as opposed to continuously checking the software. Minimise human errors  We are all human and this means we’re all bound to make mistakes at some point. As automation is based upon code and now reliant on altering human consciousness, it can deliver a far more reliable consistent outcome of its task at hand. This will therefore boost your ability to minimise errors. Speed up the process  When time is of the essence, heavily automated software can save you a great deal of it. Software automation can achieve this for you by streamlining the steps of the process, continuous delivery results in shorter processing times. As you can see TraveluXion can help your corporate travel management needs in many different ways. Therefore be sure to get in touch with us...

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