What to look for when sourcing T&E automation?

  • Independence in terms of ownership without reliability from any of the service providers as mixing service with technology is never ideal.
  • Take a look at the implementation timeline and the project management documentation
  • Training and end user hand-holding offered
  • Consider your internal constraints – project and IT infrastructure as well as projects
  • Support of expense reimbursements, supplier invoices, workflows, threshold maintenance
  • Ensure you have a dedicated system administrator

How you can save on service fees by seeking an independent T&E solution!

More and more customers are wanting to save on service fees and self-book easy transactions, venturing on-line and using the web has become easy, but you lose control over policy and you can potentially expose your organisation to risk by trying to do this in an attempt to save money.

Rather look for automated T&E solutions that allow you the freedom of choice to self-book or to request agency assistance. The solution you seek should not be tied to any agency that is providing the service, as you should be able to utilise more than one agency if you so desire. Make sure you select an independent solution that allows you this flexibility and that does not charge you extra for self-booked transactions.

Shirley Le Roux – GM TraveluXion