TraveluXion is a leader in business travel expense management and our goal is to make corporate travel as smooth as possible, from having a comfortable flight to filing your business expenses with ease. Whether you travel frequently for your job or you only make a handful of business trips per year, corporate travel can be stressful. We’ve put together a list of five handy tips that will help you with business travel expense management.

  1. Keep track of receipts. You might need proof of what you spent on transport, eating and accommodation. Make sure you hold onto your receipts so that you can claim back your costs.
  2. Use videoconferencing where you can. If you’re visiting a foreign country, you might be surprised at what the local travelling can cost you. Where possible, use videoconferencing to connect with clients at different branches.
  3. Book in advance. Corporate travel software will enable you to book your trip well in advance, which will cut costs for your company.
  4. Make travel expense reporting easy. If you wait until after your trip to input all your information into the travel software, it might seem like a monumental task. Update your reports and file as you travel to stay on top of your administration.
  5. Research tax implications. Advanced corporate travel software will be able to notify you if there are any tax implications regarding your trip.

Travel expense management software from TraveluXion makes your trip a breeze

For more information about how corporate travel solutions from TraveluXion can make your company’s travel processes as seamless as possible, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Discover why so many businesses partner with us for travel expense management, business expense management and more. We look forward to hearing from you.