It is believed that 2016 and beyond is the ideal time for innovators and for innovations! But what are the requirements for innovation you may be thinking? It’s a great question, as innovation can be challenging in a corporate environment, particularly with so much red tape and indecisiveness! I believe what is necessary first and foremost is a diverse team.

By this I mean a team with different brains and differing perspectives, however, all working together to form a common goal, this goal being innovation. This is very different to teamwork as teamwork often in the past referred to people with similar skills and methods working harmoniously together to get the job done! I don’t believe this will drive innovation any longer; we need different skills, opposing views that challenge the norm and each other, in order to form an innovative solution! This without a doubt is what the team at TraveluXion have! – Shirley Le Roux (GM TraveluXion)