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The Top Three Expenses of Corporate Travellers

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Corporate Travel | 0 comments

Corporate travel has become a necessity as companies begin to expand their horizons. However, many organisations that desire to improve the management of their spending still find it difficult to accurately analyse and therefore control the impact of their corporate travel. This is where corporate travel management services come in. Below are the top expenses and how corporate travel management services help to manage them:  Accommodation. The cost of accommodating corporate travellers continues to rise as hoteliers and real estate management continue to push for hikes in rates. Travel expense management consultants can help keep the costs of accommodation down. They provide organisations with corporate travel software which helps them compare costs and identify the best deals. Car rental. Corporate travellers need to get from one point to another when on location. Car rental is often an unavoidable expense. However, the cost of car rental services continues to spike as car rental companies seek increases in their rates. Consulting services for travel procurement enable organisations to identify the best suppliers for car rentals. Corporate travel software allows organisations to compare prices and identify the best offers. Food. Corporate travellers need to eat while away from home. Dining expenses make up at least 30% of the daily costs associated with corporate travel. As more employees prefer to dine out, the cost of dining is set to continue to increase. This expense can be controlled with the application of travel expense software to the approval process. It will ensure that travellers stick to their limits and the specific rules set by the organisation. Investing in the services of a corporate travel management company will help ensure your organisation improves its corporate travel management processes. Professional consultancy services provide organisations with access to travel expense management software that enables them to keep track of expenses and accurately analyse the impact of corporate travel on their budgets. For more information contact us...

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How to Demystify Travel Expense Reporting

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Travel & Expense Management Consultancy | 0 comments

If there is anything a corporate traveller or account manager hates, its expense reporting. Expense reports in most organisations are delayed, perhaps because they are despised. Many employees view them as a hassle they’d rather do without. However, they continue to become even more vital with the increasing need for corporate travel within organisations. Investing in travel expense management software can help demystify the entire process. How to reap the benefits of corporate travel software Automation. Corporate travel management services provide you with travel expense software that allows you to automate the entire process. Travel expense management software enables travellers to submit their expense reports from any device i.e. PC, tablet, laptop or mobile phone. They can report expenses as they are incurred making the expense reporting process easier and faster. Educate employees. In order to ensure your organisation truly benefits from the application of consulting services for travel technology, it is vital employees understand company policy and what would be considered hard or soft violations. Professional consulting services ensure that employees are provided with the information they need on a regular basis. Travel expense management consultants will answer any questions employees may have and ensure doubts have been clarified. This should be done on a regular basis. Discourage manual reporting. Ensure employees understand the reporting procedure and discourage data entry in any other form. Ensure the consulting services for travel procurement are the only means through which corporate travel bookings and expense reporting can be made within the organisation. By applying the simple steps outlined above, any organisation can reap the full benefits of travel and expense management services and software. Corporate travel management software can help your organisation improve the corporate travel procurement process and save a lot of money in the long run. For more information contact us...

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Travel Expense Management Software Accounts for the Entire Spend Cycle

Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Travel & Expense Management Consultancy | 0 comments

Corporate travel management has developed over the years to incorporate travel expense management software. However, many organisations still do not fully understand the difference between what the traditional Travel Agency does and the work of travel expense management consultants. Seeing the bigger picture Investing in travel expense management software ensures the entire travel spend cycle is monitored and controlled. Travel expense software provides a wide variety of services including: Central billing. All travel expenses are billed from a central platform. Claims, supplier invoices, reconciliations, reimbursements as well as supplier payments are all made from the organisation’s account. Travel and expense management also takes into account any cost escalations. The consulting services for travel technology are therefore able to capture all trip costs from the initial quotation to the reporting at the end of the trip. Comparisons and reports on preferred suppliers. Travel expense management consultants provide organisations with data on preferred suppliers. Organisations are able to compare rates and select the most favourable supplier to meet their specific needs. Adherence to corporate objectives and policy. Consulting services for travel procurement ensure corporate travellers adhere to corporate objectives and policies. Professional consultancy services set up agreements with service providers and ensure adherence to policy for financial benefit to the organisation. All booking and trip approval processes are run through travel and expense management software to ensure compliance. Data analysis. Although many organisations invest in corporate travel management, many are still unable to accurately determine the impact of their travel budget on their overall budget. Corporate travel management services ensure organisations can accurately analyse and control their corporate travel expenses and reduce costs in the long run. The services of a corporate travel management company will ensure your organisation is provided with a central platform for the coordination and control of corporate travel expenses.   For more information contact us...

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Implement Corporate Travel Policies and Achieve Compliance the Simple Way

Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in Corporate Travel | 0 comments

Corporate travel is becoming an unavoidable expense. However, as the demand for services associated with corporate travel increases, so do the cost of these services. Corporate travel policies and guidelines are established to ensure that organisations save money when it comes to business travel. One of the best ways to ensure your employees are adhering to these policies and guidelines is by investing in corporate travel software. How consulting services for travel technology improve compliance Provides preferred suppliers. Corporate travel software allows travellers to compare supplier pricing and choose the best deals available. A corporate travel management company negotiates discounts from suppliers and limits business travellers to using the services of preferred suppliers to control costs associated with travel. Restricts booking channels. By implementing corporate travel software, employees are restricted to a single booking channel. This ensures they comply to travel policies and regulations that have been established by the company. Travel expense software ensures you can monitor, track and account for expenses. Restricted spending. Investing in travel expense management consultants ensures your organisation can restrict spending associated with corporate travel. Consulting services for travel procurement ensures employees are restricted to recommended or mandated fares or rates. Employees are restricted from making changes to their travel plans and how they can make these changes. Communicating and educating staff. In order to ensure compliance to travel policies and regulation, it is vital employees understand what is required of them. Professional consultancy services ensure your employees are trained on company policy and what it means to be compliant. Investing in travel expense management consultants will help you implement your corporate travel polices and achieve compliance more easily. Encouraging compliance to travel policies will result in big savings for your organisation in the long run. For more information contact us...

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