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Effective travel risk management with strategic procurement solutions

Posted by on Sep 28, 2015 in Procurement Management Software, Travel Spend Management | 0 comments

When you start to think about it, sending your staff off to the far ends of the world to conduct business on your behalf can be quite daunting. Modern technology ensures good communications most of the time, but that can also let us down occasionally. With the sizeable budgets that go along with corporate travel, you need to be assured your company’s money is not being misspent and used unnecessarily. Strategic procurement solutions, such as the one offered by TraveluXion, are used to minimise the risks that companies and corporate travellers are exposed to. The software encompasses all aspects of travel arranging, with a sharp focus on financial transactions. It puts the control in the hands of the corporate and enables greater opportunities for cost savings. By using a travel management solution, companies face less risk – there is increased visibility and controls in place with online approval, giving access to the entire spend cycle which will assist financial managers and procurement managers. Fraud, an increasingly worrying aspect, can be kept under control. It also takes care of travel compliancy, by ensuring company travel policies are met. For the corporate travellers, a software solution can make the process of getting to their destination as convenient and comfortable as possible. The requests for authorisation are simplified and last minute changes, or changes during the trip, can be easily accommodated. Duty of care procedures ensure travellers are informed of any specific information and requirements before the trip, such as visas, travel documents needed, the safety of the destination, etc. Using TraveluXion’s procurement technology will reduce risk all round. Companies can be certain that the best arrangements have been made at the most competitive prices and the corporate traveller knows they are being taken care of by their employer. Contact TraveluXion today to find out...

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Streamline corporate travel with procurement management software

Posted by on Sep 21, 2015 in Procurement Management Software, Travel Spend Management | 0 comments

Everyone one knows that time is money and in today’s corporate world, this could not be more accurate. Each minute spent doing unnecessary administrative task, costs a company money – money which could be better spent on marketing, or staff increases (yes please!). TraveluXion has a software solution to cut down the amount of time wasted on corporate travel arrangements. In large companies, it can be a nightmare trying to coordinate flights, accommodation, travel expense allocations, management approval thereof and the list goes on and on. While a good travel agent can help with the actual booking of flights, they can’t manage the internal financial and approval processes. With clever procurement technology, a lot of the red tape can be simplified, saving time for more important jobs. The software offered by TraveluXion brings you a specific and purpose built solution for all your travel expense management. Right from the start of a planned trip, the software can find competitive tariffs and get the best priced and most suitable option. Being linked to Amadeus’ global online booking technology, as well as Fraxion Spend Management, ensure your needs are properly taken care of. The travel compliance policy of your company can be implemented by the system, so that all corporate travellers will know what’s acceptable or not. One of the biggest benefits of using a system like this procurement software is the real time reporting on fund allocations and reconciliations. With tools that allow for management approval, the chance of overspend or unnecessary spend by a corporate traveller is minimised and companies can exercise tighter budget controls. When it comes to saving time, this is the business expense management solution to go for. Why not contact TraveluXion today to find out more about their professional...

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How to get the most out of your procurement management software

Posted by on Sep 14, 2015 in Procurement Management Software | 0 comments

Procurement management software is designed to make the organisation and running of corporate travel planning easier and more cost effective. Finding the right solution for your company does not need to be a difficult and time-consuming search. In order to get the most out of procurement technology, you must remember that the software should offer a solution that delivers on its promises; one that offers compliance, control and visibility; as well as being easy-to-use and saving you time. A procurement software package should offer you increased effectiveness and should be backed up with customer care and assistance. The travel expense management solution from TraveluXion offers all that and more. With a risk management solution which reduces cost and the chance of fraud, improves travel compliance and allows companies to take ownership of their travel budgets, you can’t beat TraveluXion. Real time access to budgets, claims and audits once a trip is complete, provide just the sort of control you need to manage your company’s travel expenditure. From the start of a trip, the procurement technology will assist in obtaining quotes from a variety of carriers, which goes straight back to key decision makers for approval. Once approved, arrangements can be made using traditional travel agents, with full knowledge and control of budgets. Post trip, careful attention is paid to expense claims, allowing for accurate cost reconciliations. With technology and service that really affects your bottom line, in the best way, it’s this strategic procurement solution which makes TraveluXion stand out. Contact them today to find out how they can start saving you...

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The tangible savings benefits of strategic procurement solutions

Posted by on Sep 7, 2015 in Procurement Management Software | 0 comments

Today, anything and everything can be bought online and it can be a daunting prospect keeping a handle on corporate travel expenditure. TraveluXion offers a world-class software solution that takes care of all the risk and cost associated with corporate travel expense. While TraveluXion is not a travel agent, they have designed a software package that controls corporate travel expenditure, from start to finish. Their procurement solution offers pre-booking and trip approval from management, close scrutiny of every cost that would arise in the trip, right down to the final audit of expenses once the trip is complete. With real-time data available, and software that takes into consideration cost escalations, it’s hard to imagine managing corporate travel without such a tailor-made package. Being linked with Amadeus’ online global booking technology, quotes can be obtained from low cost carriers, creating better visibility on where savings can be made. For a company to have a finger on the pulse of travel related expenses and claims at all times, means complete control over budgets and expenditure and can also seriously reduce the risk of over – or unauthorised spend by staff. From any angle, TraveluXion’s travel expense management software will clearly start a company like yours saving money from the moment it’s implemented. Take charge of your company’s corporate travel management and start reaping the benefits – why not call TraveluXion today and see how their software can put you back in the pilot’s...

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