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Why your HR staff benefits from travel procurement software

Posted by on Jun 22, 2015 in Procurement Management Software | 0 comments

Corporate travel can become a nightmare for your company’s HR staff if you have no travel procurement software at your disposal. This particular type of software can be highly beneficial to your staff members who need to acquire travel request authorisations, finalise travel bookings and liaise with the various travel service providers involved. Funds allocated for the trip can also be hard to track and monitor if you have no set system in place. With the right procurement software in place, travel expense management becomes a simple task. Some of the benefits your HR staff members can expect include: Access to an easy to use system which allows travel requests to made electronically. Once authorisation is given, the applicant can be electronically notified. This saves time and effort for both management and staff members. HR departments can easily ensure all trips and travellers are compliant with company travel policies. Risk management and duty of care processes will be accurately adhered to. Real time reporting will provided to HR departments to ensure funds are correctly allocated and that the procedure of travel requests always runs smoothly. HR staff members can expect budget visibility and compliance to be simplified. There are many benefits to making use of travel expense management software to streamline and improve travel and expense management – these are just a few. Travel procurement software available at TraveluXion At TraveluXion we offer our clients access to quality and reliable travel expense management and procurement software. Our software packages are designed to streamline the process of travel applications and also ensure that after travel, reconciliations and reimbursements are easily managed. It goes without saying that you can safeguard your business from financial loss, fraud and the stress of trying to monitor potential mismanagement of travel funds. To learn more about the benefits of travel expense management software, contact us at TraveluXion...

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Five features of leading travel expense management software your company needs

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Travel & Expense Management Consultancy | 0 comments

In the corporate world, travel expenses can get out of control if they are not correctly monitored and managed and that is why professional travel expense management software is essential to every business. There are various reasons why your business can benefit from such a corporate travel solution. First and foremost you must understand that travel expense management software is procurement software. While it can access online travel bookings, it is not a travel agent service. Such a system is used to request authorisation for travel, make tentative bookings, compare expenses and packages and finally to ensure that allocated funds are correctly used for the trip and reconciled thereafter. Below are five features of travel expense management software that will benefit your business: Online bookings supported by Amadeus global content providing access to all packages including low cost carriers. Travel policy compliance implemented by the system will ensure that each trip and corporate traveller adheres to the company policies in place. Risk management and duty of care will ensure that your business/corporate travellers are safeguarded at all times. Real time reporting to monitor, manage and analyse fund allocations for trips. Budget transparency and compliance ensures that allocated travel funds are not mismanaged or incorrectly spent. Where to acquire travel expense management software for your business If you are looking to acquire professional travel expense management software, you have come to the right place. At TraveluXion, we offer a corporate travel solution which will assist you to professionally handle travel requests within the business and ensure that all approved trips are properly planned, funded and followed up on. Our travel procurement software combines the technology of Amadeus online and Fraxion Spend Management to ensure improved travel and expense management. To learn more our software packages, contact us at TraveluXion...

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How corporate travellers benefit from leading strategic procurement solutions

Posted by on Jun 8, 2015 in Corporate Travel, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Corporate travellers can truly benefit in a number of ways from strategic procurement solutions. Many companies suffer a loss from the mismanagement of travel funds and this can have a negative impact on corporate travel authorisations going forward. By implementing an effective travel expense management system, you can ensure that company funds are correctly used and that the corporate traveller and the business itself benefit. Corporate travellers can benefit in the following way when making use of procurement technology or software: Travellers will have access to low cost packages and discounts as all the booking information will be readily at their fingertips. Application for travel can be made on the system where management is alerted. Both management and the travel applicant can be kept up to date on the authorisation of the trip and what packages or expenses will be allowed. The approval process is simple and quick which increases productivity in the work place. Visibility gains and reporting increase travel policy compliance. This means that the system will ensure all staff members are travelling in accordance with company policies. Corporate travellers won’t be faced with potential fraud. Improved financial controls. With the right travel expense management software, you can ensure your corporate travel account is correctly handled and that the business doesn’t suffer potential loss. Looking for the best travel procurement software companies? TraveluXion is here TraveluXion is a procurement software company with just the right travel expense management software package for your business. You will be able to independently organise trips for corporate travellers within your business with the peace of mind that you have access to the best packages and, of course, that the process is being accurately recorded. To learn more about how our strategic procurement solutions can assist your corporate travellers and your business, contact us at TraveluXion...

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Why procurement management software is essential to strategic cost management

Posted by on Jun 1, 2015 in Procurement Management Software | 0 comments

Many companies struggle to stay on top of their expenditure when it comes to aspects such as business travel and that is why investing in procurement management software is essential. With such software you will be able to procure the best travel packages and ensure the entire process from staff members requesting travel authorisation, right through to monitoring and tracking expenses and outlay, is recorded. Procurement management software is essential to strategic cost management as it can be used for the following functions: Travel spend management and monitoring. Effective online booking technology. Management of expenses. Financial controls. Real time reporting and transparency throughout the process. When looking for a corporate travel solution that limits and monitors expenditure, procurement software can benefit a business in many ways. Some of these ways include ensuring access to low cost carrier packages, fulfilment of bookings by offline travel companies, ensuring travel policy compliance, risk management and duty of care, budget visibility and compliance, big data and analytics and much more. Procurement management software from TraveluXion At TraveluXion, we offer an all-inclusive procurement management software package which offers a complete corporate travel solution. Our software is aimed at providing total travel expense management and helps management members be aware of and keep track of funds spent on company travel. Staff members will need to apply for travel authorisation and management members will be kept up to date on all the plans set in place before the actual trip is signed off on. All monies spent whilst travelling also need to be recorded and reconciled to ensure that business travel funds are not being mismanaged. To learn more about our procurement management software, take the time to contact us at TraveluXion. We are available via email or telephone at all...

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