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Three ways in which your current expense management process is hurting your company

Posted by on May 25, 2015 in Business Expense Management | 0 comments

Although many procurement software companies offer relatively good expense management process software, you always need to ensure you are getting the best for your particular business. This is what has driven us to produce our corporate travel solutions – procurement software which considers your business needs first. 1)    Unexpected and Unnecessary costs  When dealing with travel expense management processes, you want the software which makes allocating funds easy. When this task is excessively stressful, mistakes can be made which will cost your business. Therefore, choosing reliable and easy-to-use software, like our own, saves your business money. 2)    Workplace Efficiency  In any workplace, tasks and activities require labour. For this reason, you want to make sure that such tasks do not take more labour than necessary. This is what our expense management process software aims for, to reduce the overall time required for and increase the overall effectiveness of procurement software. 3)    Extra Service Benefits  Many procurement software companies offer great products, but very few actually back up their products with effective, on-the-turn customer care or assistance. This is one of the factors that differentiates us from competitors. Our experienced consultants are always available to assist, provide insight and ensure you are getting the most out of our procurement software. If you need to upgrade your expense management process software but only want the best for your business, contact TraveluXion today and ask about our quality procurement software...

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Purchasing and procurement software – Why user experience needs to be a priority

Posted by on May 18, 2015 in Procurement Management Software | 0 comments

One of the primary reasons why we are considered one of the best purchasing and procurement software companies around is because we understand what users need when planning travel expenses. This is why we have focused on user experience – to make the entire process as simple and effective as possible.  Moreover, with our expert consulting services, this is enhanced even further with specialised knowledge and insight into how you can get the most out of our corporate travel solutions. Ease-of-Use Translates to Clarity with Purchasing and Procurement Software With software that is simple to use and hassle-free, very few mistakes are made when entering or reading data – barring the small margin of human error. This means the data is easy to utilise and will not cause any problems later on with reports and so forth. Our functionality and technology essentially averts many of the problems that typical procurement software companies overlook. Reliable, Functional Procurement Software makes Expense Management Simple Another reason why we choose to make the user experience as stress-free as possible is because we understand how much of a core expense management can be – especially in regards to financial management systems. By consulting with our professionals you can expect sound advice and guidance on choosing the right products and solutions for your organisational needs. If you are interested in purchasing and procurement software to help enhance your business systems, contact TraveluXion...

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Effective Reporting is Key to Leading Procurement Software

Posted by on May 11, 2015 in Procurement Management Software | 0 comments

Although we all hate to admit it, there are employees in every company who, without procurement software, enjoy taking advantage of the company chequebook while travelling.  Fortunately, we offer travel expense management software that counters that, by ensuring you are aware of all travelling costs. This software is further complemented by our quality consulting services, which will help you acquire the ideal package for your needs. Reports are Organised before the Trip even Begins One of the greatest aspects about our procurement software is that our system arranges all expected expenses beforehand. It works by requesting a list of expenses from the employee who will be travelling. This list is sent directly to your financial department, who reviews it and either confirms or denies various parts. Once all items have been confirmed, or resubmitted for confirmation, the finances are allocated and a report is drafted. This ensures you are always aware of how much each trip will cost. Procurement Software Easily Identifies Dubious Tactics Once your employee returns from travelling, they can then confirm all expenses and include any changes that were required. This collates and clarifies the expenses and informs you of any illegitimate spending. Therefore, with our all-inclusive systems, you can easily identify fraud, inflated expenses or unhealthy spending habits that need to be addressed. For more personalised details on how our procurement software can be your ideal corporate travel solution, contact TraveluXion...

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How Corporate Travel Managers Benefit from Leading Procurement Software

Posted by on May 4, 2015 in Procurement Management Software | 0 comments

With the recent recession still leaving a wake of troubles for business owners throughout South Africa, business procurement software is rapidly gaining in popularity.  The reason for this is that companies must do everything in their power to cut down on redundant costs and ensure business longevity.  This is why procurement software is excellent in this time, as it helps you manage and account for the many expenses from your employees’ travels. Procurement Software – The Corporate Travel Solution Although not all employees do this, some enjoy taking full advantage of the company chequebook while they travel.  This can unfortunately lead to unexpected costs and can seriously damage the profits of a company.  With business procurement software, however, you can enjoy effective travel expense management – helping you stay in control and ensuring your business remains successful. Travel Expense Management Software – an All-Inclusive Package While many procurement software companies will offer a similar service to our own, we take ours a step further with procurement technology that conveniently connects with travel agents, hotels and many more services.  This is ideal, as our software can organise everything you or your employees will need to travel – before the trip has even started.  These, coupled with our expert consulting services, are guaranteed to help you save money while never compromising on quality. For more details on how TraveluXion procurement software can help your business cut down on redundant costs, contact us at your earliest...

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