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How corporate travel solutions can help your company comply with health and safety regulations

Posted by on Aug 25, 2014 in Corporate Travel | 0 comments

When you send staff members abroad, or even nationally, there are various responsibilities your business will have legally and morally. Corporate travel solutions generally don’t cater to this obligations and responsibilities, until TraveluXion was released that is. If we take a closer look at the responsibilities companies are faced with you will see that if a staff member is sent overseas their health and safety must be taken into account. In fact there are safety and health regulations in place to ensure staff members are protected and also so that businesses aren’t blinded by litigation should something go wrong during the time of travel and a good corporate travel solution can help ensure you are always compliant with these. How does TraveluXion help with compliance with regulations in place? While TraveluXion is designed to make the entire booking and travel experience more convenient and to cut costs when it comes to potential over expenditure for corporate travel, it is also designed to ensure any special travel requirements and warnings are brought to the attention of the traveller. Before a booking can be completed on this corporate travel expense management system, the traveller will be advised on special requirements which include: travel documents, potential safety dangers, medical treatments recommended/required, visas, passports and so on. If there is anything the traveller and management should be aware of, the system will provide information and the trip will need to be authorised. Confirmation that this information has been received and understood is requested too. This feature, unknown to other booking systems and expense management systems, helps to safeguard your business from all potential travel related and posed risks. In order to protect your business against excessive travel expenditure and to safeguard it against potential problems while staff members are away on business, TraveluXion, corporate expense management is the...

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Rising travel costs overcome by corporate expense management solutions

Posted by on Aug 18, 2014 in Business Expense Management | 0 comments

In today’s corporate world, cutting back on running costs and general expenses is absolutely essential. The larger your business grows the greater the risk you stand of losing valuable revenue to negligent expenditure or poor management of certain allowances and funds. In the business world, national and international travel is often essential for the development and prosperity of the company. Unfortunately corporate travel can become pricey and staff members can spend unnecessary amounts that cannot always be traced or accounted for precisely by the bookkeepers or financial department. In order to ensure company funds are protected and you don’t fall victim to rising travel costs, a corporate travel expense management solution should be implemented. Which expense management system is worth trusting when it comes to corporate travel? If you are wondering which corporate expense management solution is best suited to your business then the answer is simple: TraveluXion. This system combines the great booking features of Amadeus and the functionality of Fraxion Spend Management. This means you can benefit from a user friendly interface and booking system as well as the various conveniences of expenses being quoted on and sent to management for approval before travel plans are authorised. TraveluXion is an expense management system that protects the business from over expenditure on travel bookings and ensures the business is privy to great specials and rates. The integrity of the business in terms of Duty of Care is also safeguarded as all special travel requirements and advice are provided by the system as bookings are made. In order to protect your business against excessive travel expenditure and to safeguard it against potential problems while staff members are away on business, TraveluXion, corporate expense management is the...

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How to drive compliance through corporate travel solutions

Posted by on Aug 11, 2014 in Corporate Travel | 0 comments

Every company has to have rules and regulations in place to ensure that systems and procedures are always followed closely, clients are always satisfied and staff members are always behaving in a certain manner. Corporate travel solutions are a great way to ensure your staff members follow a certain protocol when it comes to applying for travel authorisation and of course the finances to cover such travel. It has unfortunately been quite easy for medium and large companies to lose a great deal of revenue due to staff members being negligent with company travel allowances and funds. Now with the various corporate expense management products on the market, companies can safeguard themselves against this. A new product to hit the market, TraveluXion, is a combination of the best booking management features of Amadeus and functionality of Fraxion Spend Management. How does TraveluXion achieve compliance? TraveluXion is corporate expense management system that makes it possible to control and monitor every step and aspect of booking a business trip. Management and the financial department will be aware of the intention and proposed expense of the traveller at all times via the system email. The following is to be expected in terms of compliance conveniences on offer: Expenditure – Staff members will be compliant with spending limitations as the system will generate a quotation to be presented to management. Such expenses are approved with full line of sight of available budgets for that particular cost centre. Only approved expenses will be paid for by the business which makes it easy to track exactly where business money is going. Duty of Care – Any special travel conditions that could lead to potential litigation from staff members in the future are noted and travellers need to acknowledge and confirm these before the booking process is finalised. This covers the need for certain travel documents, insurance and visas as well as any medical treatments that are required when travelling to certain areas. Injuries and other potential occurrences are also covered. Any changes to a pre-approved booking that impact on cost will automatically trigger a notification through to the relevant cost centre manager.  So if destination changes or class changes, these changes are all tracked in the system. In order to protect your business against excessive travel expenditure and to safeguard it against potential problems while staff members are away on business, TraveluXion, corporate expense management is the...

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Expense management solutions streamline the corporate travel budgeting process

Posted by on Aug 4, 2014 in Business Expense Management | 0 comments

Every business needs to safeguard itself from potential over expenditure when it comes to travel expenses. Corporate expenses management can be quite a challenge for the average business. The ultimate success of a business will rest on its ability to manage its finances efficiently and whilst you might not want your staff members to have an unpleasant business trip, you also want to ensure the business is not spending more than necessary. If you want to ensure your business is able to streamline corporate travel budgeting then perhaps it is time to think about investing in and incorporating a corporate expense management system into your business. What to expect from a corporate expense management system and which one should you support? TraveluXion, whilst fairly new in concept to the market, is certainly making waves in the corporate travel world. Derived from tried and tested technology being Amadeus and Fraxion, businesses are now able to have complete control over travel requests within the company and each and every expense and transaction relative to that particular trip can be traced and accounted for. This is a great convenience for financial departments in business which may have previously struggled to account for travel expenses. This particular expense management solution is one that is exceptionally easy to use. A staff member who has to travel will need to log a request on the system, an alert is sent to management via email. Management can accept the request, but another approval process is carried out after the system has formulated a quotation on the travel request. Should financial departments and management agree the requested trip is viable for the business, the booking can go ahead. A great feature of this system is that it will advise travellers of any special requirements such as travel documents, visas, medical requirements and so on. The booking can only be completed on acceptance of these requirements and notes and this further safeguards the business against future potential litigation. In order to protect your business against excessive travel expenditure and to safeguard it against potential problems while staff members are away, TraveluXion, corporate expense management is the...

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